Prices for mobile services in the Czech Republic confirmed as highest in the EU

A regular study by the European Commission has once again confirmed that the Czech Republic has one of the most expensive mobile tariffs in the European Union.

Mobile users in neighboring countries are much better off than here.

The Czech Republic was the worst of all “twenty-seven” in virtually all twelve consumer baskets compared, combining different volumes of data with different numbers of free minutes.

The last place is shared with Cyprus, against which Czechia did better than in a basket with 20 GB of data and no free minutes.

Cyprus, on the other hand, performed better with a basket of 0.5 GB of data and 30 minutes free.

Placed at the top of every consumer basket, Poland has traditionally been the country best rated for its inexpensive offers.

Czech mobile users pay almost eight times more for this volume of services than Polish users.

It is the offers of Polish operators that are very often mentioned as a counterweight to the expensive mobile services of national operators.

In terms of the most attractive prices, Poland is followed by Romania, Estonia, Spain, Ireland and Slovenia.

The European Commission collected data for the current comparison over the past three weeks, specifically October 5-25, 2020.

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