Rajasthan: Mobile internet suspended in parts of Hanumangarh due to communal tensions

Communal tension gripped the town of Nohar in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan after a VHP leader was attacked by people, officials said on Thursday.

Mobile internet services have been suspended in the towns of Nohar, Bhadra and Rawatsar of Hanumangarh to curb the spread of rumours, they said.

Saharan Saharian Satveer of the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) was attacked on Wednesday night when he and others objected to a group of people sitting on a vacant lot adjacent to a temple and creating a nuisance .

As news of Sahrawis being attacked and injured by people from a minority community spread, members of various Hindu formations arrived at the scene and protested.

Given the tension, additional police forces were deployed and Hanumangarh (SP) Police Superintendent Ajay Singh attended the scene.

“Six defendants who attacked Saharienne have been arrested. The situation is under control and additional police have been deployed to maintain public order,” police said.

Thirty-two people were also arrested under Article 151 of the CrPC for trying to stir up trouble.

Videos showing the handing out of batons and provocative speeches have also gone viral in the area and these are being investigated and instructions have been given to take action on the matter, the chief police officer said. ML Lather in Jaipur.

SP Ajay Singh said Saharan, who sustained a head injury, was being treated at the PBM Government Hospital in Bikaner.

The PS said action would be taken against those who create unrest and disrupt community harmony.

Bikaner Divisional Commissioner Niraj K. Pawan and Inspector General of Police Omprakash were in Nohar to assess the situation.

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