Russia shuts down mobile internet in occupied Luhansk Oblast, governor says

Russian troops flee Kharkiv Oblast to Luhansk amid armed forces counteroffensive

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“The occupation administration of Luhansk Oblast maintains that there is no threat to the region,” Hayday said.

“But just in case, they turned off mobile internet at all levels. Local operators say it was done by order of the occupation government – for security reasons.

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The governor added that the Russians continue to transport the plunder looted in Kharkiv Oblast to Russia, via Luhansk Oblast.

“On the Starobilsk-Luhansk highway alone there are at least three hundred civilian cars with Kharkiv plates,” he said.

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“Most of them are with trailers, full of stolen stuff, with Russian soldiers driving.”

NV cannot confirm the Governor’s claims at this time.

Kyiv liberated around 8,000 square kilometers of land from Russian occupation in September, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on September 13.

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