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Internet speed and connectivity tester Ookla has released its market analysis for South Africa, ranking the fastest mobile internet operators in the country.

The analysis only takes into account the country’s top mobile operators, those that represent 3% or more of the total test samples in the market in the fourth quarter of 2021; smaller providers are not tested and therefore not included in the ranking.

All carriers are ranked by their speed score, which incorporates a measurement of each provider’s upload and download speed to rank network performance (90% of the final speed score is attributed to download and upload speed). the remaining 10% to download speed as online experiences are generally more affected by download speed).

Ookla places the most emphasis on median speeds, as these represent what most mobile internet customers will experience on a day-to-day basis.

South African mobile operators ranked by fastest internet speed:

4. C-cell

Speed ​​rating – 11:53 p.m.

Cell C again ranked in last place as the slowest mobile internet provider in the country – its network also has the most average latency and is the least consistent.

Launched in 2001 at a time when its biggest competitors and the other names on this list were already capturing large swathes of the country’s booming mobile market, Cell C has managed to grow and make significant strides since its launch. . In 2012, the company grew from 9 million subscribers to over 20 million in 2015.

Recently, the operator has struggled to maintain momentum. In 2020, Cell-C had approximately 12 million subscribers.

3. Telkom

Speed ​​Rating – 27.22

Telkom ranked 3rd in terms of fastest mobile internet in South Africa, after slightly improving its speed score. However, the carrier retains the second most consistent network and still has the lowest latency mobile internet in the country.

A leading ICT service provider, Telkom operates in over 38 countries across Africa. The company is a basic internet service provider for South Africa and is 39% state owned.

Telkom offers a wide range of products including monthly mobile data plans that start at R7 once from 35MB, to R299 once from 5GB mobile data.

2. Vodacom

Speed ​​Rating – 42.12

South Africa’s second fastest mobile internet is owned by Vodacom. Its networks have the second least latency, but the carrier has the second most inconsistent network.

African leader in digital and financial services, Vodacom is majority owned (60.5%) by the British Vodafone, one of the largest communication companies in the world. The telecommunications company was founded in South Africa and has since expanded to many countries across the continent.

The company says its mobile networks cover more than 295.8 million people.

1. MTN

Speed ​​Rating – 65.21

Consistently ranked as the best mobile internet operator in South Africa, MTN also has the most consistent mobile internet and the third lowest latency.

The largest mobile network operator in Africa and the 8th in the world. MTN says it was formalized in 2001 in South Africa and has grown exponentially over the years to the point where its bright yellow brand is ubiquitous in the Rainbow Nation.

The company has also expanded to many African countries including Nigeria where it holds a large percentage of its market share.

MTN offers Internet services and devices, as well as insurance. Its internet packages are extensive. In terms of mobile internet, the company offers 1GB of mobile data for R199 once a month up to 100GB for R299 per month.

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