Sifter launches new Scan by Diet™ mobile technology

CHICAGO, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sifter SP, Inc. today announced the release of Scan By Diet™, a unique mobile app and technology that allows shoppers to scan any barcode of food or supplement to see if it corresponds to a personal diet. For the first time, millions of consumers with multiple dietary considerations can count on Scan By Diet’s instant, accurate, and consistent results while shopping.

For example, someone with gluten intolerance, dairy allergies, and diabetes can create a personalized diet profile, scan any product barcode, and immediately see a green checkmark if the food suitable or a red “x” indicating the reason. It’s okay. Some 180 million US shoppers avoid certain ingredients due to allergies or intolerances, and 60% of US adults have one or more chronic conditions¹. Many conditions require a tool that makes it easy to find foods that fit into a complex diet.

Sifter’s comprehensive grocery database allows Scan By Diet to work on virtually any mobile device at any grocery store in the United States. Its dietary filters are based on evidence-based nutritional care practices and public health advice, and align with dietary regulations. Additionally, food retailers and healthcare businesses that have an existing mobile app can integrate Sifter Scan By Diet technology to better cater to the 80% of grocery stores that prefer in-store shopping².

Sifter’s Scan By Diet app comes at a time when consumers are taking a more proactive and preventative approach to health. According to research conducted by The Hartman Group, the majority of American consumers use food as a tool to manage or treat health issues. And nearly 75% of Gen Z and millennials, and 44% of Gen Xers and baby boomers, buy foods for specific health benefits, according to FMI, The Food Industry Organization.

“Deciphering nutrition labels while grocery shopping is time-consuming and headache-inducing,” said Andrew Parkinson, co-founder and CEO of Sifter. “The Scan By Diet feature makes it easy and quick for shoppers to find the right food. And Sifter APIs allow retailers and healthcare organizations to easily and cost-effectively integrate its power into their existing apps and personal healthcare platforms. »

Sifter Scan By Diet is available in the App Store and Google Play.

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Pioneering grocery e-commerce entrepreneurs Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, founders of Peapod and ItemMaster, created Sifter, a Nutrition as a ServiceMT technology company to make healthy eating accessible to everyone. Sifter technology gives retailers and health-focused companies the ability to offer consumers a fast, scientifically accurate way to find foods that match their unique food preferences and food avoidance needs. Download the Sifter app to see how it works. For businesses looking to take advantage of Sifter’s features, visit

¹ Tufts University Centers for Disease Control


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