SUPP Batu Lintang Launches Mobile Service to Help Voters Verify Voting Information

Sih shows a printout of polling center information, printed out using a portable mini printer. – Photo of Chimon Upon

KUCHING (December 9): The Batu Lintang branch of the United Peoples Party of Sarawak (SUPP) yesterday launched its “Mobile Voter Search” service to allow constituency voters to verify their voting information.

Sih Hua Tong, Gabungan Party Sarawak (GPS) candidate Batu Lintang said the service is designed to help elderly voters as well as those who have difficulty accessing the Internet for information.

“A team of two will go out into the field and approach the voters. Thanks to the MySPR application, we can enter their contact details via smartphone and then print their voting information using our mini printer.

“The printout is then given to them to serve as a reference on the location of their designated polling center,” he said when launching the service at SUPP Batu Lintang headquarters here.

Sih said the service is provided free of charge and assured the branch will not keep any voter data or personal information.

“The team will only provide voter printouts as directed in the MySPR app,” he added.

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