Tata Steel Jamshedpur opposes mobile phone use

Jamshedpur, April 8: To prevent accidents inside the factory, Tata Steel has issued guidelines on restricted mobile phone use in the workplace. These guidelines apply to employees, workers, contractors, vendors, consultants, carriers, suppliers, customers, drivers and visitors to TSL premises. This Code of Practice applies to all sites and units of Tata Steel India’s operations.

As part of this policy, the use of mobile phones in the workshops as well as in the factory has been totally prohibited, except in special circumstances. In addition to private conversations inside the factory, playing video games, chatting, listening to music, and checking and sending emails have been completely banned. The line manager will be responsible, in his area of ​​control, for ensuring communication and compliance with this directive in the workshop. General use of cell phones in the workshop is not permitted.

However, cell phones may be used in rest areas or in factory offices or in a designated talking point if marked for the same in the workshop area based on assessment risks. In the workplace, workers should concentrate on their work and not use any devices. Mobile phones will not be permitted for engaging in personal conversations, playing games, surfing the Internet, listening to music, checking emails and sending or receiving text messages. In addition, the use of mobile phones is prohibited in confined space work where there is a possibility of the formation of an explosive mixture (Gas Cellar / Gas Tank / Propane Storage) and other similar areas. Restricted use for communication purposes may be carried out with the authorization of the HOD taking into account security measures based on the risk assessment carried out and approved by the security department pro. No use of mobile phones is authorized by the work team during work at height. Restricted use for short communication purposes only may be made by the site safety supervisor after assessing the risk factors with all precautions advised on site by the site manager and with prior communication to the security pro. department security. No use of cell phones or headphones is permitted in the parking area. Restrictions include music devices when walking in parking areas. If a cell phone must be used, the person should walk outside the parking area and then use the cell phone away from the vehicle movement area. No use of mobile phones by workers is permitted during electrical/gas line maintenance. Restricted use (for short communication purposes only) may be made by the site security supervisor after assessing the risk with all precautionary measures.

Cell phone use is restricted on stairs. Avoid talking near doors where the chances of someone opening and knocking are high and blind spots like corners inside the office where people may not see the person on the other side.

The use of mobile phones while driving on the road is absolutely prohibited. It is also not recommended to use hands-free systems while driving. In an emergency, the vehicle should be stopped and parked safely before using the cell phone. Cell phone use while walking or crossing roads

or track or using the stairs is prohibited. If the cell phone must be used, step aside, get up and use it.

Crane operators are not expected to carry cell phones when going to operate the crane from the operators cabin. The transport of mobile phones for emergency purposes may be permitted if the operator is under CCTV surveillance or if the operator agrees to use them only for communication purposes under emergency conditions.

Drivers of heavy vehicles / mobile cranes / HEMMs must remain mobile in off or silent mode when in the driving seat. The mobile phone should only be used after stopping vehicles in accordance with parking regulations. Any worker or official, while on duty in the active area of ​​a mine (where mining operations are in progress), should not carry a mobile phone. Each mine should have secure storage space for cell phones in appropriate locations. In the event of an emergency, the manager may authorize any person or class of persons to carry mobile phones in these areas.

People can use their cell phones when they are not at work and away from the workplace or at a designated rest area.

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