Telephone lines and mobile internet services cut in Moebye in Shan State

Phone and mobile internet services were cut in Moebye, Shan state, amid intense fighting between junta troops and the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), a source said. the KNDF.

Clashes erupted on September 8 and phone and mobile internet services have not been available since Tuesday, the KNDF source said.

“We lost access to mobile networks when we entered the city,” the source said.

Due to ongoing fighting, it is still difficult to contact residents who remain in the town, said volunteers helping displaced residents of Moebye.

“We cannot contact them by phone. They said they couldn’t make phone calls in and around town, and they could only make phone calls from the hills, but only for a few minutes. So we are concerned about the safety of the residents who remain in the town,” said a volunteer.

Phone lines and mobile internet services were still not available Wednesday, according to the volunteer.

Moebye People’s Defense Forces advised against traveling on the Moebye-Pekon-Loikaw road and urged the remaining residents of Moebye to leave the town as junta troops attempt to retaliate against resistance forces.

“Electricity was also cut in Moebye. We urge residents to leave the city as soon as possible. We have restricted travel on the road,” a resistance fighter from Moebye PDF told DMG. DMG could not independently verify reports of power outages.

Junta troops and combined KNDF-led anti-regime forces have clashed since September 8, with both sides reportedly suffering casualties.

A child died and three residents were seriously injured by artillery shells which have damaged more than 100 houses in the town since the beginning of September.

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