Telstra bill price increase: New packages, mobile phone bills can increase every year

Millions of cash-strapped Australians will see their cost-of-living expenses rise further this winter, with Telstra the latest to announce price hikes.

Australia’s largest mobile network provider reported price increases for pre-existing and future plans, blaming rising inflation.

Telstra customers will get a cheeky $3-4 a month hike on their phone bills from July 1, with the telecom giants signaling that their costs will ‘rise in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI)’ , and warn that future plan prices “include an annual review and may increase annually.”

The CPI is the best-known indicator of inflation and measures the percentage change in the price of goods and services across the country.

Telstra said it would use the CPI rate as recorded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as an indicator of how their bills would be priced in the future.

Home and business Internet plans will not be affected by the changes… yet.

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Along with the price increase, there’s a rebranding of the various plans, with some bonus features included to offset the price increase.

Customers on the “small” plan get the biggest payoff (on paper), with a $3 per month boost with 5G added for the first time in what will now be known as the “Basic” service.

However, customers on the new and improved Basic plan won’t see the big boost in data speeds as you might expect, with 5G access capped at 250 megabits per second – a far cry from the 20 gigabits per second that it is. network is able to operate at full capacity.

Medium plan customers will upgrade to the “Essential” service, while large plan users will now use the “Premium” plan, which includes an additional 180 GB of data per month. Find out below what your benefits and payments will be.

With more than 10 million customers spread across the plans, baseline estimates call for the price hike to generate at least $30 million in monthly revenue for the company.

However, what at first glance appears to be considerable digital value for money is worthless compared to packages offered by smaller providers such as Aldi or Boost Mobile.

Technical website pointed out that customers using Aldi service pay $23 less per month than Telstra’s new and improved “Basic” plan, which still includes 42GB of data, while Boost Mobile charges customers $30 less for a similar deal.

Aldi uses part of the Telstra network and Boost is able to connect to the whole, suggesting there would be no major difference in coverage,

In a statement on its website, Telstra confirmed that it will offer “a monthly credit to eligible dealership customers who require additional support”, as well as “billing assistance and flexible payment options to customers who may have difficulty paying their bills”. .

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