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Chart of commercial LTE network launches. Courtesy of GSA.

Testing for LTE devices continues to evolve, with Spirent Communications’ announcing the availability of validated LTE location compliance tests for GCF certification for “any mobile device that supports the LTE location protocol defined by 3GPP for LTE networks”.

The tests have been available on Spirent’s 8100 location technology solution for more than a year, the company said, but only received official certification from the GCF this week.

Spirent noted that these conformance tests “are essential to assess the mobile device’s ability to support next-generation location services, a key factor in the commercial success of LTE deployments around the world.”

Speaking of these LTE deployments, the World Association of Mobile Phone Providers updated its LTE network tracker this week and said 194 carriers in 75 countries have now launched commercial networks, with 107 commercial launches in the past year. The GSA said a total of 443 operators in 130 countries are investing in LTE, with 391 firm commitments to the technology and 52 other operators in LTE trials, tests or studies.

LTE, the GSA said, is “the most widespread and fastest-deploying mobile system technology.”

Alan Hadden, GSA Chairman, called LTE an “industry success story” and added that the GSA has raised its LTE market outlook “given the accelerating pace of commitments and deployments.” . The GSA projects there will be 260 commercially launched networks in 93 countries by the end of 2013.”

In other test and measurement news, Rohde & Schwarz launched a new all-in-one test system for streaming audio, video and multimedia applications this week. The R&S Broadcasting Test Center aims to streamline research, development and testing for chipset and receiver manufacturers as well as test houses, and is also designed for use by satellite equipment manufacturers, network operators and regulators, among others.

Mathias Leutiger, Product Marketing Manager for T&M Service Delivery for Rohde & SCHwarz, told a press conference yesterday that BTC will help reduce time to market in a highly competitive space where the speed of development is highlighted.

“Obviously, R&D and QA departments have less and less time for intensive and thorough testing, and repeatable testing,” he said, adding that BTC is designed to be used from R&D to the finished product.

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