Thales and SITA to provide WIFI and mobile service on board aircraft


The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has agreed to license two foreign aerospace companies to provide mobile and internet services inside airplanes. Authority Chairman Purushottam Khanal informed that for the first time in the country’s aviation history an agreement has been reached with an aerospace company called “Thales and SITA” to provide mobile and Internet services. inside the plane in the nepalese sky.

He said: “These two companies have provided various aerospace related services. Now, various airlines flying in the skies of Nepal can purchase this service from these companies and serve their passengers. “

Previously, passengers were forced to travel in airplane mode with their mobiles and other devices inside the plane. Now, airlines that have taken on this type of service can provide mobile Wi-Fi service to their passengers inside the aircraft, so the services of these two airlines can now be purchased by the airlines, said the authority.

The Authority has requested applications to provide mobile network and Internet services on board the aircraft. He said the companies were selected according to the criteria set by the authority.

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