The best solutions in 2022

Phone ad blockers have become essential for modern users. According to Marketer, in 2022, more than 27% of Americans install apps to remove marketing blocks on all of their devices. But that number keeps growing as advertising has flooded every possible platform: from websites to the same ad-blocking apps. Yes, don’t be surprised, banners can be found even in some blockers. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the best solutions to remove annoying ads.


AWAX ad blocker eliminates annoying ads on websites, mobile games and apps, and when watching videos. It runs in the background, so it does not affect the operation of other programs. By blocking “harmful” content, it increases the performance of apps and games on your phone.

This ad blocker for android acts as a filter between your device and the apps you use. The service also protects you well on other platforms: Windows, Mac OS and iOS (Safari browser). A local VPN connection allows you to “triage” all incoming requests to the device and block advertising or potentially dangerous links. Banners and online trackers will not be loaded on your device. Thus, the application ensures the security of confidential data and helps to save traffic and battery power.

Many users note the ergonomics and ease of installation of AWAX. The program is available for download from Google Play, App Store, Chrome Web Store and the developer’s official website. The ad blocker app offers several pricing plans, among which you will definitely find the right one. But first, try the free demo version of AWAX to see how effective it is.

We evaluate

  • functionality — 5.
  • safety — 5.
  • cost – 5.


This ad blocker for mobile devices allows you to browse the web via the Discrete network, which guarantees your privacy. It is available for most modern browsers and is also used as a YouTube ad blocker.

In the app, you can change the settings to your liking. Users can access statistics on website visits and volumes of blocked marketing traffic.

You can test the ad blocker for free for a trial period, then you need to purchase an annual license. No obvious gaps in service were found. Its weaknesses include the fact that it blocks ads only in web browsers, but not in apps.

Our assessment

  • functionality — 4.
  • safety — 5.
  • cost – 4.


The ad blocker works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other popular browsers. In most cases, Ghostery prevents the loading of advertising scripts on websites and notifies the user. It ensures the security of personal data and does not interfere with other applications.

The service also has its own browser to maintain complete anonymity on the Internet. It can be used as an ad blocker for iPhone or Android smartphones. Ghostery provides its services for free for browsers on computers and mobile devices. It is important to note that 90% of free services make money by reselling anonymous data to third parties. If you don’t want to share information about yourself even in incognito mode, it’s worth looking for another ad blocker app.

Our rating

  • functionality – 4.
  • security – 4.
  • cost – 5.


As you can see, the favorites of 2022 among blockers guarantee not only the removal of advertisements but also the protection of your data against theft. It is important that they offer to download their apps from official websites or trusted stores. But installing an ad blocker via .apk might be a scam. Be careful!

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