The house sign warns of the lack of safety for women, mobile networks on the highways

A parliamentary transport committee has slammed the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for not doing enough to keep women safe on the highways. He said the government should work on installing proper traffic signs, cell phone networks, street lights, road patrols at frequent distances to improve women’s safety and crime monitoring on national highways. and on public transport.

The ministry blamed the states for their failure to come up with a proper plan to implement programs under Nirbhaya. The Nirbhaya Fund is a corpus formed following the mass murder of a young medical student in Delhi in December 2012. The corpus funds women’s safety programs across government departments.

The Parliamentary Committee on Tourism and Transport, led by BJP MP TG Venkatesh, expressed concern over the cut in the budget for programs related to women’s safety.

“The committee is of the opinion that securing such measures is not budget-intensive and considers it urgent and urgent to ensure that these basic measures are applied across the entire NH section. The committee strongly recommends that the department can conduct road safety audits across the entire stretch of NH and ensure proper signage, streetlights and road patrol.This would not only help women traveling on NH feel more secure safety, especially at night, but would also enhance the overall safety of road passengers. Road signs should display hotline numbers for different emergencies in English, Hindi and local languages,” read one committee recommendations.

The panel pointed out that “the lack of mobile network connectivity for long stretches of NH is a serious cause for concern, as it would also mean that problems would be encountered when connecting to emergency services. Although it being understood that the installation of cell towers is carried out by telecommunications companies based on the number of users in the region, the committee believes that given the high volume of traffic on national highways throughout the country , many such stretches could have sufficient user demand for good internet connectivity.”

The committee expressed concern about “extremely low expenditure on road transport with a program on women’s safety in public road transport”.

In its response, the ministry said that no separate proposals had been received from the states for the public transport program under the Nirbhaya Framework. He said this was the reason behind the drastic reduction of 80% of the 2022-23 allocation of ₹20 crore under the title ‘Women’s Safety in Public Road Transport Programme’, against the budget of the 2021-2022 allocation of ₹100 crore.

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