The Ministry organizes the mobile service “Access to Justice” in the North

The Ministry of Justice organized a Mobile Service “Access to Justice” covering the entire North Province from January 26 to 30, in order to raise public awareness of the services provided by the Ministry and its branches to the population of the North Province.

A special press conference was organized under the patronage of Minister of Justice Ali Sabry PC at the auditorium of the Ministry of Justice yesterday.

Speaking at the press conference, Minister Sabry said the mobile program will cover five districts in the Northern Province namely Vavuniya, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Jaffna and Kilinochchi.

He said the focus was on the issue of people missing during the civil war and if there was any injustice to the families of the missing people, they hoped to issue them a death certificate or compensation, adding that the government had allocated an additional Rs. . 300 million from the budget to compensate for the disappearances.

He further said that new court complexes in the Northern Province will be unveiled to the public alongside this program.

“This mobile service will be launched across the island in the future to build a society of law enforcement and equality and to educate people about the law. It is a force to face the challenges posed by international community and having a strong local mechanism for the country’s issues is also a good message to the international community,” he added. “In collaboration with the Office of National Unity and Reconciliation, the Office of missing persons, compensation institutions and other offices under the Ministry of Justice, work to solve the problems of the inhabitants of the region and their areas of residence, in particular the families of the disappeared and to give the priority to reconciliation,” he said. The Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, MMPK Mayadunne, said that the second phase of this mobile service program will be launched in the eastern province, the third phase in the southern province and the fourth phase in the central province.

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