The mobile phone and the younger generation

The mobile phone and the Internet are just a few of the important inventions of the modern era that have radically changed the course of human life.

No one can deny that the advent of cell phones has made many human tasks easier and at the same time it has become a time consuming necessity but it is also an indisputable fact of the innumerable benefits of cell phones. There are also disadvantages, but it is up to the user to decide for what purpose he uses it. If a person wants to take advantage of it, it has many benefits, but if it is used negatively, then it is no less than a disease like cancer, according to a conservative estimate, 90% of the young generation in the world to Use mobile or smartphone. They are so lost in using cell phones that they don’t care about their own lives or the lives of others, if you guessed it. We have to be careful because even there many young people have lost their lives due to the unnecessary use of mobile phones.

Mobile phones and the Internet are the inventions of the modern era that brought this world together in a first and the world has taken the form of a global village. Nowadays, its benefits cannot be ignored so easily because thanks to these inventions, human beings have become attached to each other. The mobile phone and the Internet are just a few of the important inventions of the modern era that have radically changed the course of human life. In the space of twenty-five years, the entire world has come under the domination of mobile phones and the Internet. It’s as if the whole world has become captive to the clutches of cell phones and the Internet. Young and old, men and women, businessmen and workers, employers and employees all begin to feel incomplete without cell phones and the Internet. For this reason, there is an endless stream of information. Thanks to this flood of information, the whole world is now interconnected. There are positives and negatives to everything. In other words, in every human invention there is a danger of harm in addition to usefulness. Cell phones and the Internet, like other things, do not have the power to harm each other unless they are misused. The Internet and cell phones need to be used by humans. When we want to enjoy it, it will be beneficial and when we stray from our goal, it will cause harm. Therefore, they should be used wisely. Benefit them, not hurt them. Mobile phones and the Internet have many advantages and disadvantages. The Internet and cell phones are certainly among today’s most important inventions. But because of the detrimental aspects, they remain emotional and deadly to human lives. Unnecessary use of internet and mobile phones cannot be ignored to raise the issue of anxiety, misbehavior and other social issues, especially among young people. The main reason for the social decline and the misguidance of youth is the estrangement from religious teachings. The puberty period of children especially requires care and training. This is a dangerous age where every child has an equal chance of getting better and worse. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the interests and hobbies of children of this age. At this critical time in life, if young people are made aware of Aswa Rasool-e-Akram (SAW), and are taught and encouraged to adopt Aswa-e-Hasana as a role model, then it is the internet and cell phones that are hiding the tools of destruction and destruction within themselves. And because of the internet and cell phones, our younger generation is wasting their precious time and mental and physical abilities by indulging in immoral and negative activities.
The misuse of mobile and internet is at the root of immorality and moral depravity among the younger generation. Apart from the moral depravity of social media, kids are also starting to hate religion. It’s like an addiction. Friendships with strangers cause problems for children. Mobile phones, Internet, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. limit the mental and physical abilities of children. Parents and guardians check their children’s social media accounts from time to time. Make special arrangements for the religious formation of the younger generation. Make religious education compulsory to save children from moral depravity and social superstitions; for it is only through religious thought that a person becomes able to distinguish good from evil. Iqbal says:
“Free thinking can bring ruin to those whose thoughts are low and wicked:
They do not possess the mode and style of thinking which can be chaste and clean.
On the other hand, due to the misuse of internet and mobile phone, the man has become lonely. He has thousands of friends on social media, but in real life he has no one to turn to for help, friends and heartache. It is natural for people to become depressed and suffer from depression. Because of the Internet and cell phones, the family fabric is collapsing. Even at home, he lost the ability to negotiate. It is very worrying that children have no time for computer, mobile games and internet, parents have no time for work and social media friends. Training, parental rights and the right to reciprocity and marital rights were left behind, leading to a rapid decline in society. Relationships begin to break down and families fall apart.
In such cases, it is the responsibility of parents to educate their children in such a way that they will become good human beings,
Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to fully play their role in raising and training their children in the right way, while thinking about proper care and education for better development of their children. Because if today these adorable and beloved children are adorned with pure morals and virtues, then surely these innocent buds of today will be the cause of doubling the beauty and splendor of Gulistan-e-Hayat at the future, and God willing The next day will surely be a very beautiful and painful day for parents if the question of their formation is sacrificed to the care of the world.
Of all creatures, human formation is the most important because man is the only person on earth on whom the reformation of the earth depends. Allah made this man the owner of will and authority and distinguished him from all other creatures. He also gave him a book to show him the way of right and wrong, good and good and also published a series of prophets. Which started with Adam and ended with Hazrat Muhammad (PSL). The indoctrination and teaching of the human race to go through long periods and stages of training in this regard is found in all religions and civilizations. Because in this world peace or corruption, good or evil, love or hate depend on the acts of this person. The final link in the eternal chain of guidance from God to mankind through the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) guided the importance of this great responsibility and how to guide mankind to its future generations. It can be useful and good for them and for all mankind.

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