The Official Opposition calls for the modernization of the P$ Mobile Service application

MONTREAL, June 2, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – Arem SalemLeader of the Official Opposition at Montreal City Hall, and Effie Giannoumunicipal councilor of Bordeaux-Cartierville, held a press conference this morning to announce their desire to apply the user-pays principle within the P$ mobile service application. The councilors of Ensemble Montréal are asking the City to mandate the Sustainable Mobility Agency (AMD) to modernize its application so that it credits users when they leave a parking space earlier.

“The current payment method does not allow riders to read the remaining parking time at a station, accumulate time, or signal when leaving a parking space. If a rider pays assuming they will be there for three hours and ends up leaving after an hour, he loses money. Worse, the person who takes his place has to pay again even if the time is already paid. It makes no sense to pay for a service that you’re not using, or charging people twice,” Salem said.

The Official Opposition suggests offering an option within the P$ mobile service application to allow users to notify when they leave their parking space. Overpayments would then be credited back to users through the app for future use. Several cities, such as Calgary, Edmonton and Victoriaoffer a “leave” button in their parking application which allows you to no longer be charged.

“Technology allows us to accurately charge for usage, so let’s do that. We can simultaneously solve the overpayment problem, the double billing problem, and the ethical problem surrounding the app,” said Effie Giannou.

Although almost 80% of on-street parking customers use the P$ mobile service application (and this proportion increases every year), the advisers of Ensemble Montreal are aware of the digital divide that could result. For this reason, the motion that will be presented to the municipal council on June 13 also asks AMD to explore solutions to ensure that the user pays principle is available for users of physical payment terminals.

SOURCE City of Montreal – Official Opposition at Montreal City Hall

For further information: Frédérick Carignan, Press Attaché – Office of the Official Opposition, 438-925-0715

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