Use mobile technology to stay ahead

Use mobile technology to stay ahead
September 20, 2021

Mobile technology is important and will only grow over the next decade. Here, Sam Cannon, account manager at sales-i – a sales performance software company for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers – explores the possibilities that using mobile technology can bring to fastener businesses with the right mindset.

If you’ve ever been to a new city and wanted to find a place to eat, you’ll know the frustration of not knowing what’s close and decent. And if you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember a time before mobile technology when you had to find an actual person who was willing to stop and give you directions.

Fortunately, we now carry the solution to these daily problems in our pockets. Without hesitation, you can have your phone in hand and type, for example: “Italian restaurants near me”. When you do, two solutions come into play. Firstly, you have access to all the local knowledge you need and secondly, typing “near me” is enough – if your location services are enabled – for your device to know in what city you are in and want something relatively local that you can walk around.

Applying these two solutions to the workplace, it is evident that mobile technology can play a vital role in our workflows, both on the road and in the office. Equipped with the right technology that provides an answer to a question like “give me the name of a fastener manufacturer”, it can prove invaluable in staying on top of the rapidly changing manufacturing and the distribution. This was also true after the pandemic, when so many companies steered their offerings in new directions, or when staff turnover meant there would be someone new on the phone or by email.

If your mobile technology knows where you stand in relation to customers or potential customers, it can alert you to other opportunities. Think of it as your assistant sitting in the car with you. They look out the window to spot new places you might miss. Add to that, for example, software that provides information on sales opportunities, and you are quickly able to prioritize which customer you visit first.

Getting the most out of mobile technology may require a shift in how your organization views this technology. Many companies are still not prioritizing mobile technology for their team despite its increased growth. Having a mobile workforce is more than being able to do business on the go. In fact, it is becoming essential for many businesses. If you’re not getting the most out of your mobile technology and your competitors are, who’s likely to take the lead?

Businesses are becoming increasingly mobile, spending time away from their headquarters. One thing most people have learned over the past year is that we can now get away from the office and still be fully connected to our colleagues.

The potential of mobile technology is so vast that not only will your team be able to work on the go, equipped with smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets, but they will also be able to collaborate with team members on projects thanks to the applications hosted in the cloud.

Mobile technology is now so advanced that you can place orders, check stock levels at the warehouse, as well as save all your meeting notes anywhere you can get an internet connection (and with the right apps, even when you can’t). The modern workforce needs to stay connected to access the information and tools they need wherever they are, from any device, at any time.

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