Vladimir Putin tightens security after invading Ukraine: no cellphones, no internet and his own army

A months after the start of the war in Ukraine and with Russian troops showing no mercy to the civilian population, Vladimir Poutine lives in a parallel world. The president, given his past as a KGB spy, wants to control everything and fears for his safety.

During the war, Russia was accused of countless war crimes, including the use of unauthorized weapons and the execution of civilians.

All of this was orchestrated by Putin who, according to the BBC, has tightened his security amid fears of attacks on him. The Russian Presidential Security Service, which reports to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSO), is responsible for protecting him and those around him.

How Putin has been protecting himself since the outbreak of war

Among the many measures that the Russian leader has put in place, the fact that his entourage is divided into four circles stands out.

The first is made up of his bodyguards, the second of guards who go unnoticed in public, the third is responsible for surrounding the perimeter, and the last is made up of snipers posted on top of the buildings.

The BBC also revealed that Vladimir Poutine does not like helicopters, so he travels in a motorcade of motorcyclists, black cars and trucks. On its way, traffic is stopped and any drone is prevented from flying over the area.

To enhance its security, Putin has its own personal “army”, known as Rosgvardia and supported by the Russian National Guard.

“It’s a huge number, the security units for presidents in the United States are nowhere near that number,” Stephen Hall, an academic expert on Russia at the University of Bath in the UK, told the BBC. .

Putin’s Fears

Given the scale of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, Vladimir Poutine does not trust anyone and is afraid of being poisoned. For this reason, the president has his own taster, who is in charge of tasting the food before him.

Such is the former KGB spy’s obsession that at toasts he usually drinks from a bottle brought to him by his team and not one drunk by others, as Mark Galeotti explains in BBC’s Mark Galeotti .

Another sign that PutinThe paranoia of has only increased day by day is that he does not use a cell phone or the Internet. He is afraid of being tracked and all the documentation he handles is on paper, to prevent outside agencies such as the CIA from spying on him.

These last months, PutinPublic appearances by have also dwindled, largely due to the pandemic. But everything has gotten worse since the beginning of the war, since which the Russian is rarely seen and his circle is more and more closed.

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