WhatsApp can now be used without the need for a mobile phone; See how we do

number of users WhatsApp With the arrival of a new function that allows you to send and receive messages from up to four devices, without the need for an Internet connection on a mobile phone, its frequency has increased.

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The new function of. is out WhatsApp WebAn application extension for Internet browsers. The service, which until July of this year was only available to a small number of people, has already been made available to a greater number of users. To date, the release is being done gradually, as the functionality is in the testing phase.

Before the update, messages are sent by WhatsApp Web It was just reflected by the application on the PC, which requires a cell phone connection to the Internet.

How will it work?

WhatsApp mentioned that the user of the app can choose to participate in the cross-device beta for early access to the new feature.

Additionally, according to information from WPP:

  • The user can use messaging on up to four additional devices simultaneously, however, it is possible to connect only one mobile phone to your account;
  • To be able to connect the new function, you will need to use a mobile phone to confirm your phone number to WhatsApp and connect new devices;
  • The added devices will be disconnected if the user has not used WhatsApp on their mobile phone for more than 14 days.

How do you test the new job?

To be able to use the new version, the user must check if the new feature has already been released for their device. To see if it’s already available to you, enter the file settings WhatsApp, go to the “Connected devices” option. Once finished, follow the step by step:


  • Open WhatsApp and click on More options;
  • Click on Connected devices;
  • Click on multiple devices (beta);
  • Click “Enter Trial” and you’re done!


  • Open WhatsApp settings;
  • Click on Connected devices;
  • Click on multiple devices (beta);
  • Click “Enter Trial” and you’re done!

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